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d’Orlando Enterprises LLC, also known as DELLC, is a Driver Management, Marketing, Event Planning and Activation company with specific focus in the amateur and professional motorsports industry from go-karting through IndyCar.  DELLC provides our clients with unique and remarkable motorsport related experiences and opportunities to host networking, appreciation and other events for their clients, vendors or partners to build stronger business relationships and grow visibility and/or awareness.  Our B-to-B network provides our customers with additional opportunities to expand their business.

DELLC was formed in 2018 as a natural evolution of d’Orlando Racing Corp. [“DRC”], originally formed in 2009, to meet the ever-growing needs of a developing driver’s career and to leverage the unique network and knowledge obtained over a decade of experience.   DRC is the home of two of North America’s top drivers in driver development programs and United States open wheel racing series.  Located in Hartsdale, New York, competing with powerhouse teams throughout North America, both d’Orlando pilots have extensive resumes to their credit with over a decade of racing experience starting in go-karting and now in race cars. 

With racing in their blood and the sound of fast cars piquing interest at an early age, the d’Orlando boys quickly rose through the ranks of karting from regional, national and international competitions throughout North America, to the world championship level competitions in Europe.  Now these top-notch drivers are traveling North America in pursuit of similar results in open wheel car racing.

Michael d'Orlando

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Age: 17
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 155lbs

Michael d’Orlando is one of the United States’ top motorsports’ talents making his mark on the open wheel car racing scene around North America.   After a nine-year career in karting at the world championship level, d’Orlando made his move into race cars in 2018.  Currently the primary driver for Velocity Racing Development in the F4 US Championship series, d’Orlando continues his pursuit towards a life-long career in motorsports.

The 17-year-old American from Hartsdale, NY began kart racing at the age of six at Oakland Valley Race Park in Cuddebackville, NY.  He earned countless wins at the national and international level, including multiple national & international championship titles. His karting resume rounded out as a factory team driver for the world-renowned Birel ART racing team based in Italy.

Karting Career Highlights:


  • US Rotax Grand National Mini MAX
  • Team USA for the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals (RMCGF) Micro & Mini Invitational


  • Florida Winter Tour TaG Cadet Champion
  • US Rotax Grand National Vice-Champion in Mini MAX
  • SuperKarts! USA Pro Tour TaG Cadet Vice-Champion
  • Nominated #1 cadet driver in North America by both Kart360.com and KartRank.com 


  • Florida Winter Tour Rotax Junior MAX Championship
  • Team USA for the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals.
  • Florida Winter Tour TaG Junior Vice-Championship
  • US Rotax Grand Nationals Vice-Champion Junior MAX


  • Factory Team Driver for Birel ART racing team, Lissone, Italy


In early 2018, Michael transitioned into the IndyCar driver development program, the Road to Indy, in the USF2000 National Championship series.  With limited budget and seat time, Michael and his team at Team Benik turned heads throughout the paddock and beyond.  Team Benik was a new development team in the open wheel circuit, and Michael was a rookie with limited experience.  But in classic style, the partnership showed Michael running in the top-6 of the highly experienced field after only four races that he competed in for the entire year.

For the first half of 2019, Michael worked with his partners and family to build a budget to compete again.  With the help of some local organizations and the ongoing efforts of his family around him, Michael entered the F4 United States Championship series for the last four races of the year, under careful direction and leadership of Velocity Racing Development.  Both driver and engineer, VRD’s Team Manager Dan Mitchell, continue to develop together the partnership and bond formed when Mitchell was Team Benik’s engineer in 2018.

Nicholas d'Orlando

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Age: 16
Height: 6'
Weight: 160lbs

Nicholas d’Orlando is a 16 year-old phenom looking to take his first steps into open wheel car racing.  After having spent the first 11 years of his motorsports career in competitive karting around the world, the Hartsdale, New York native has proven to be one of North America's top young motorsports talents, with the skills, focus and dedication needed to compete and win at the highest level.  The current transition from karts to cars is the first step in a lifelong dream.
At the age of five, Nicholas began his passion for motorsports in karting at Oakland Valley Race Park in Cuddebackville, NY.  In what began as a family endeavor, the passion has grown into a career path competing with world-renowned race teams.   His karting success includes multiple national championships which ultimately lead to the pinnacle of competitive karting in Europe, in the CIK-FIA European and WSK Karting series, as a factory team driver for the Kart Republic Factory Race Team. 

Karting Accomplishments:

  • 2013 United States Rotax Max Challenge Grand Nationals Micro Max Vice-Champion
  • 2013 Team USA member for the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals Micro & Mini Invitational
  • 2014 Florida Winter Tour Vortex Tag Cadet Champion
  • 2015 US Rotax Grand National Mini Max Champion
  • 2016 SuperKarts! USA Super Nationals, Las Vegas, NV – 3rd Place
  • 2017 Factory Team Driver – CompKart/J3 Competition
  • 2017/18 Factory Team Driver – Kart Republic, Venice, Italy

Nicholas is the younger brother of Michael d’Orlando, whom has already made the transition to open wheel car racing.  Their bond both on and off the track has helped them each develop into two of North America’s top talents.    Nicholas’ success in karting broke records and set a new bar when he stood next to his brother on the 2014 FWT Vortex TaG Cadet Championship podium, and being the first ever brothers to share the National Champion titles at the US Rotax Grand Nationals in Mini MAX.

Completing his karting career under the careful leadership and direction of some of the world’s top karting leaders, including the highly decorated world-renowned karting team owner Dino Chiesa, Nicholas d’Orlando has shown he is a fierce competitor with the talent, commitment and drive to succeed in the path towards a career in professional motorsports.  He is currently working with partners and family to develop the budget necessary to compete and succeed as a rookie in open wheel car racing in 2020.

Michael D'Orlando


Michael d'Orlando


March 6, 2002


White Plains, New York










Michael and Sherri d'Orlando



Years Racing:


Racing Series:

2018 Road to Indy/USF2000, 2019 F4 US Championship

Racing Goals:

IndyCar, Formula 1

Driver Mentors:

Daniel Ricciardo, Ayrton Senna, Robert Kubica, Sebastian Vettel



Nicholas D'Orlando


Nicholas d'Orlando




White Plains, New York


Hartsdale, New York






Michael and Sherri d'Orlando



Years Racing:


2016 Racing Divisions:

Rotax Junior MAX, Vortex Junior ROK, X30 Junior

2016 Racing Series:

Florida Winter Tour, US Open, US Rotax Max Challenge, Superkarts! USA Pro Tour


Kart Republic

Favorite Part of Racing:

Going fast and winning

Personal Racing Sponsors:

adidas Motorsport/Fyshe USA, Focused Project Management, Mom & Dad, Iona Prep

Racing Goals:

Formula One

Personal Goals:

Being the champion in all that I can

Favorite Vehicle:

F1 Car

Favorite Movie:


Favorite Food:


Favorite Color:


Favorite Dessert:


Favorite TV Channel:

Cartoon Network

Favorite Drivers:

Ayrton Senna

Most memorable moment:

Second place in second ever Rotax Junior race

Biggest Rival:

My brother

Race you would like to win the most:

Worlds & SuperNats


Soccer, Lacrosse, Football


2015 US Rotax Grand National Mini MAX Champion, 2015 FWT Mini ROK Vice-Champion, 2014 FWT TaG Cadet 3rd place, 2014 Canadian Karting Championships Vice Champion Mini MAX, 2013 Team USA member for Rotax Grand Finals Micro & Mini Invitational, 2013 US Rotax Grand National Micro MAX Vice-Champion, most improved swim team, 2009 OVRP series Kid Kart runner up


7th - Iona Preparatory School

Future Goals:

F1 driver