Brand of Brothers
March 25, 2014

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"The d'Orlando Boys race, win - and share the championship podium at the Formula Kart Florida Winter Tour"

There was Ralf and Michael. Bobby and Terry. Mario and Aldo. Geoff, Gary and David. Pedro and Ricardo. And, the Brothers Unser.

The way things look now, there's hope that not too far down the road we might be invoking "Mike and Nick," the d'Orlando brothers.

Michael and Nicholas d'Orlando from Hartsdale, New York, are already seasoned vets in top-rank kart racing. Michael, 12 years old, and Nicholas, 11, race for Indy-based Team Koene USA with Tony Kart chassis.

The Florida Winter Tour took place on six weekends over a three-month period (January through March) that incorporated the Formula Kart Racing Championship and the Rotax MAX Challenge where both boys put down markers that their goal of reaching F1 is headed on the right path.

In the Florida Winter Tour Formula Kart Racing Championships' six finals, Michael had four wins and two 2nd place finishes that clinched him the FWT TaG Cadet-class championship that saw 46 racers from seven countries and four continents. Nicholas had three top-five and two top-ten finishes, enough to finish third in the title chase.

In the Florida Winter Tour Rotax MAX Challenge the boys had to overcome some bad luck and mechanical problems, issues that plague all racers and teams from time-to-time. Michael finished 6th in the championship and Nicholas finished 14th. This Mini Max class had fields with over 50 competitors from ten different countries. A great training ground for these up-and-coming racers.

Also, Michael came in second for Skip Barber Karts-to-Cars Scholarship winning a three-day racing school and paid entry into the 2014 scholarship program worth $7,000.

Even before the winter series, Michael was already a sitting champion, having won the 2013 U.S. Rotax Mini Max National title. Nearly as successful was Nicholas, the 2013 U.S. Rotax Micro Max vice-champion.

"This probably won't be my biggest trophy," Michael says.

That's not bragging. That's him knowing. As team driver coach Adam Johnson says, "In the racing business, knowing you're the best - not just thinking it - is a big, big part of getting there. These boys know how to win. I see them in racing in formula cars very soon."

Their mother Sherri says the boys "are serious and focused - it's sort of scary to see that in kids this young! - but they don't need a lot of guidance from me or their dad (Michael Sr.) when it comes to them balancing their goals with having fun. Let's face it, racing is fun!"

If you're going to put your money behind a pair of brothers reaching racing's most rarified levels, the Brothers d'Orlando look to be a very safe bet.

Michael, Nicholas and d'Orlando Racing Corp., Inc. (DRC) would like to give a special thanks to Lane Office (, Integrity Consulting Group ( and Oakland Valley Race Park ( for their support. Also, a special Thanks to Koene Engines, Race Tech Development, and Team Koene USA's Mike Maurini and Martijn Koene as well as DRC's Adam Johnson for their continued hard work and support.

For more information on Michael or Nicholas d'Orlando, please visit Be sure to follow Michael and Nicholas on Facebook (Michael d'Orlando Racing or Nicholas d'Orlando Racing) and Twitter (@dorlandoracing) to stay up to date on news, information, photos and results.

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